Mysuru Warriors

Mysuru Warriors

Mysuru Warriors, also called as MW, is a Mysuru based team and a former champion of the Karnataka Premier League (KPL). The team is owned by the NR Group and is powered by Cycle Pure Agarbathies.

Established in 1948, N. Ranga Rao and Sons Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer & leader in the incense industry for over 6 decades.

Mysuru Warriors as a team embodies the excitement & attitude that is unique to Mysore, the Cultural & Heritage Capital of Karnataka State. The sole purpose of the team is to excite cricket enthusiasts across the region, encourage & inspire the younger generation from Mysore to dream big and achieve big in cricket. The values of the team resonates Spirit of Mysore, which is the hunger to succeed irrespective of the challenges in their way. The ideals of the team are enthusiasm, courage, imagination & the urge to be successful.

It is one of the most followed sporting franchises in Karnataka and has a strong connect with the youth and the elderly alike.